Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions is located in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. We offer dog training, boarding and grooming for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Reward-based Training

We strive to provide you and your canine companion with the utmost respect and care while addressing both of your needs. Our dog training uses a positive, reward-based philosophy and is available in three formats:

  • Private Lessons (One-on-one Training)
  • Group Classes
  • Board and Train

We tailor our training packages to your lifestyle, your dog’s ability-level and the desired level of training you desire for your dog.

About the Owner

Rick Carde

Owner Ricardo “Rick” Carde, established Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions in 2008. Rick’s love for dogs began at an early age as he grew up with dogs. His passion for training dogs started many years later when he adopted a dog that had serious behavior issues. While searching for a trainer in the area, he noticed the selection and quality of trainers was lacking.

Recognizing the joy that dogs brought to his life, he imagined there must be other people facing similar challenges, so he began the process of becoming a certified dog trainer.

Rick brings the care and compassion he used in his many years as a Cardiac Nurse to work with dogs, and help others enjoy their pets to their full potential.

Rick is a Certified Trial Decoy for Protection Sports Association (PSA), an evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC) in their Canine Good Citizen program and has prepped many dogs for Narcotic Detection Certification.

Rick is an active competitor in multiple levels of dog sports and has titled numerous dogs in Protection Sports Association (PSA), Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung (IPO) and Dog Dock Diving competitions.

Canine Consultant

We offer a variety of Canine Consultancy services for you and your dog. From training and obedience to performance and nutrition, we offer our experience and guidance to help make your canine companion lifestyle an enjoyable experience.

Family Instruction

An obedient dog can be a pleasure to be around. That obedience takes training and cooperation between the dog and the humans in its life. We train dogs how to behave properly in a variety of settings. From quiet and peaceful situations to busy high-stress situations, we train dogs how to behave properly in all situations.

Real World Training

We train dogs how to behave properly in a variety of settings. From quiet and peaceful situations to busy high-stress situations, we can train your dog how to behave properly in all situations.

You can trust Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions to prepare your family’s K-9 companion for its next walk to the dog park or how to be a good guest in your home or office.

Alpha Training

Who's the leader of the pack at your house? Does your dog think he is? We can teach you and your dog skills to restore the owner as the alpha animal in the pack and make life better for everyone.

There is more to the saying that a dog is “Man’s Best Friend.” That friendship comes with respect and understanding on both sides of the relationship. Dogs behave best when they understand their role and responsibilities. The alpha in the pack sets these guidelines to have a truly good relationship. If the dog thinks it is the alpha, but the owner expects obedience, there is sure to be conflict. We teach owners how to be the alpha in the pack and assure their dog understands what is expected of it.


Since 2008

Our dog trainers have more than 10 years of experience and have a great working relationship with other dog trainers, law enforcement agencies and canine professionals throughout the country. We train dogs from basic obedience to behavior modification for serious issues.

Tampa Bay K9 Solutions

Air Conditioned Training Facility

Our dog training facility is located in Gibsonton, FL. It is designed to be all about the dog. From the padded floors to air conditioned training space, we want to minimize anything that may interfere with the training of your dog and maximize their advancement.

About Us

Tampa Bay K9 Solutions is focused on making your dog a friend for life. We train them to be obedient on and off the leash, as well as correct behavior problems.

Contact Us

Tampa Bay K9 Solutions
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